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Ideas survive and sustain when people fail and falter. Every human is a miracle of thoughts and ideas. To direct them to a positive goal, to drive them, inspire them, we need intellectuals who can ponder, discuss and provide a resource for social development. We welcome you all to participate in this unique community. Nothing is held sacred. Nothing is beyond debate. Nothing is taboo or banned. Free speech is a precursor of all innovations. Revolutionary thoughts and ideas are necessary for collective evolution. So as long as you can talk and behave in a civil manner, no subject is beyond discussion in our forums. The Orison-B forum is its primary platform for free thought and action. Founded formally on 12-12-2012 but existing much before then on Facebook.  

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We believe in multiple-intelligences theory. Hence we believe that a person who is not in the top 1 percent in IQ test results is not necessarily less talented, skilled nor less useful to society at large. Our mission is to bring together a diverse group of talented people together on a single platform for pursuing their life’s dreams. When a human’s basic needs are met, only then he pursues perfection of his surrounding environment. So personal and social growth goes hand in hand. Our society aims at freedom of speech within civil discussion. No subject is taboo or banned. Free speech is encouraged. Harassment and misbehavior is not tolerated. Innovation and revolutionary ideas need a platform for questioning and commenting freely. No matter what is politically correct, you can talk freely here to have a civil conversation about anything in the universe. Social conformity is not expected. With all us intellectuals using our ideas and skills, we can change not just our own destiny, but also aid this world, making it a better place.


Orison-B has its own IQ Test for admission. We are a top 4 percent IQ society, which enables a more purposeful and  constructive association of persons from all over the globe.

* 96th percentile; 1/30; IQ 124 σ=15 / 126 σ=16


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Call us for Telephonic Consultation with a qualified Psychologist at the charitable rate of $0.25 per minute.


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Orison-B is a not for profit organisation providing mental healthcare for people visiting the clinic or via telephonic prepaid calls for people outside Bombay and in foreign countries. Stress, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Childcare, Learning problems, Personality, Mood disorder, IQ, Aptitude, Social and Occupational health, etc are all covered under one roof. Calls at: Indian Rupees 16 per minute.